Coriolanus by William Shakespeare: Summary Act 5

Here is a link to help you with Act 5: Source: Coriolanus by William Shakespeare: Summary Act 5   


Coriolanus Act 5 sc. 6 Thinking points

Aufidius's anger and regret at Coriolanus's actions: That I would have spoke of: Being banish'd for't, he came unto my hearth; Presented to my knife his throat: I took him; Made him joint-servant with me; gave him way In all his own desires; nay, let him choose Out of my files, his projects to accomplish,... Continue Reading →

Coriolanus Acts 1 and 2

                 MARCIUS I'll fight with none but thee; for I do hate thee Worse than a promise-breaker. AUFIDIUS We hate alike: Not Afric owns a serpentI abhor More than thy fame and envy. Fix thy foot. MARCIUS Let the first budger die the other's slave, And the gods... Continue Reading →


Theme Analysis from Class conflict The conflict between the patricians, or traditional ruling class, and the plebeians, or common people, is central to the play. At the opening of the play, the plebeians are rebelling against the patricians, whom they accuse of hoarding grain while the plebeians starve. The tribunes Brutus and Sicinius are... Continue Reading →

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