Act1 Coriolanus quotations

  • “With every minute you do change a mind, And call him noble that was now your hate, him vile that was your garland” Martius (Act 1 Sc 1 line 180)
  • “I sin in envying his nobility, and were I anything but what I am, I would wish me only he.” Martius (Act1 Sc 1 line 228)
  • “He is a lion that I am proud to hunt.” Martius (Act 1 Sc 1 line 232) – CHARACTER
  • “…And I am constant.” Martius (Act 1 Sc 1 line 238) – CHARACTER
  • “First, you know Martius is chief enemy to the people.” Citizen (Act 1 Sc 1 line 6) 
  • “Worthy Menenius Agrippa, one that hath always loved the people.” Citizen( Act 1 Sc 1 line 49) – CHARACTER
  • “There was a time when all the body’s members, rebelled against the belly, thus accused it.” Menenius (Act 1 Sc 1 line 93) – IMAGERY
  • “What’s the matter, you dissentious rogues that, rubbing the poor itch of your opinion, make yourselves scabs?” Martius (Act 1 Sc 1 line161) -IMAGERY
  • “He that trusts you, where he should find lions finds you hares…” Martius (Act 1 Sc 1 line 167)
  • “With every minute you do change a mind.” Martius (Act 1 Sc 1 line 179)
  • “If my son were my husband, I should freelier rejoice in that absence wherein he won honour than in the embracement of his bed where he would show most love.” Volumnia (Act 1 Sc 3 line 3) – CHARACTER
  • “Had I a dozen sons…I had rather had eleven die nobly for their country than one voluptuously surfeit out of action” Volumnia (Act 1 Sc 3 line 21) – CHARACTER
  • “He had rather see the swords and hear a drum than look upon his schoolmaster.” Virgilia(Act 1 Sc 3 line 59)
  • “I’ll not over the threshold till my lord return from the wars.” Virgillia (Act 5 Sc 5 line 5) – CHARACTER
  • “The blood I drop is rather physical than dangerous to me.” Martius (Act 1 Sc 7 line 15) – IMAGERY
  • “I’ll fight with none but thee, for I hate thee worse than a promise-breaker.” Martius (Act 1 Sc 9 line 7) -CHARACTER
  • “Not Afric owns a serpent I abhor more than thy fane and envy.” Martius (Act 1 Sc 9 line 9)
  • “I thank you general, but I cannot make my heart consent to take a bribe to pay my sword.” Martius ( Act1 Sc 10 line 37) – CHARACTER
  • “I request you to give my poor host freedom.” Martius ( Act 1 Sc 10 line 87)

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