Antony and Cleopatra Act 1 Quotations

The play  begins in Egypt, where one of Antony’s soldiers worries that Antony’s love for Cleopatra is excessive and has made him a weaker general. Cleopatra and Antony enter, and Cleopatra asks him how much he loves her. He says he cannot quantify his love for her. A messenger comes with news from Rome, but Antony disregards him, saying... Continue Reading →


If Thou must love me . . . Elizabeth Barrett Browning

 What Are the Figures of Speech in the Poem "If Thou Must Love Me"?  from: Emily Valentine Updated July 21, 2017      Metaphor Metaphor is one of the most com mon figures of speech, and Browning uses several in this poem: "'I lover her for her smile ... her look ... her way Of... Continue Reading →


LANGUAGE Shakespeare’s language can be divided into three main categories: Shakespeare's Unusual Arrangements of Words, Shakespeare's Troublesome Omissions & Words Not Quite Our Own. UNUSUAL ARRANGEMENTS OF WORDS Many students ask if people really spoke the way they do in Shakespeare's plays. The answer is no. Shakespeare wrote the way he did for poetic and... Continue Reading →

Coriolanus Act 5 sc. 6 Thinking points

Aufidius's anger and regret at Coriolanus's actions: That I would have spoke of: Being banish'd for't, he came unto my hearth; Presented to my knife his throat: I took him; Made him joint-servant with me; gave him way In all his own desires; nay, let him choose Out of my files, his projects to accomplish,... Continue Reading →

Act1 Coriolanus quotations

“With every minute you do change a mind, And call him noble that was now your hate, him vile that was your garland” Martius (Act 1 Sc 1 line 180) “I sin in envying his nobility, and were I anything but what I am, I would wish me only he.” Martius (Act1 Sc 1 line 228)... Continue Reading →

When I heard the Learn’d astronomer

Walt Whitman Mere numbers, charts, and diagrams cannot sum up the mystery, power, and beauty of the universe. To begin to understand the wonder of the universe, one must view it through the lens of the unaided eye rather than the lens of the calibrated telescope in order see a  When I heard the learn'd ... Continue Reading →

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